This is a site that has been around the block and round again. The ever-lively webcam site iFriends offers plenty on their webcam adult entertainment theme park and the models are all top notch. This means that there are no babes with saggy boobs and fat under their arms just because they can’t find anyone else. For the years that they have been on the market, their expertise in running a webcam site shows and it is a place worth checking out.

It sucks that it is not a free site. Well, it is but very soon you get to realize that, very few performers are willing to give it up for free and those who are not down with the freebie, you get only a 20 second window to get info about the performance and what you will be getting. It kind of seems like you are getting jipped but they have to make money somehow. It is just a harsh reality once you get to the conclusion of iFriends’ policy. Friends aren’t that harsh.

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Now as far as the variety that the models have to offer they do have HD cams and HQ cams, even though they both look amazing. They also have something that’s called a 2-way audio interaction, that also goes hand in hand with the cam2cam ones. This is something that not all models are offering but it is something that exists on the site. What also needs to be said is that the cam2cam is available only to the members who score high on the totem pole. You have to be a golden member to get this feature opened up for you. Another great feat is the phone-sex option. They call you up and you have a chat with them as they turn you on.

Keep in mind that while all of this is happening, there are no time tickers that are letting you know just where are you in the credits department and if the show is going to run out. If the show is good, you won’t care about tipping and so on, so just remember that good time might be cut short because you don’t have any more credits left.

While browsing around the site, some models were found charging as high as $9.99 a minute, which is a preposterous amount to pay for a minute of their time. The lowest was $1.99 but for the most part $3.99 was the average for most of the performers. Stay clear of these performers who are trying to rip you off with $10 bucks per minute, they don’t do anything special or better than the rest of the webcam performers.

This site is mobile accessible and it works great on any phone. The streaming is just as good as it is on a desktop computer and even the chatting seems cool. No hiccups there. Also, there are numerous ways to view the profiles and to watch the sessions. You can spy the sessions that are taking place and be a fly on the wall and you can also use the cam roulette which means that a random performer is going to be chosen for you. A cute perk but at times this can be just overwhelming since it is more of a shtick than anything else.

At times iFriends can be a place that’s grabbing your attention left and right and it is not focusing on the main deal. Still, if we disregard the shine around the site, the bottom line is that the site has quality and it can play with the big dogs of the webcam business. Case closed.



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Lots of HD Cams.Great user features.Been around a long time.Mobile compatible.
Some hidden costs.Some girls are pricey. Some features are extra.
73%Overall Score
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