A webcam site that offers great models and runs smooth like butter is most definitely Cams.com. A webcam place that has all that a place like this has to offer, that works great on a mobile phone even offers free 100 tokens when you join the site. It is a limited offer but let us ease your mind, it’s not. It will be there whenever you want to join in on the fun.

The first thing that we are going to address is the template, the landing page. It is basic. Boxes spread all over the page, filters in the left part of the site, bars that give you an insight into currently available online performers etc. The 1st impression is fine. Nothing special, nothing to criticize, in fact, the boxes are lined up with spaces between them, so you’re actually NOT dizzy from all of the colors and babes who are displayed on the page, like on some other webcam sites. You get to see if they have an HD camera, if they have sound on and if they have the buzzmode.

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There are two options that Cams.com offers for their performers. First one is the “Buzzmode”. Those of you who are experienced cammers know that this means you get to control the vibrator that the performer is using. This is what webcam interaction is all about. Then, the second option is “Connexion”, where if you have a toy that reacts to the performer’s inputs you both get to have real online sex. A feat that only makes sense a webcam site like Cams.com should have.

Each model has a brief bio about her, what she likes, what are her hobbies and such. They have a review section where the users can leave a comment and say something about the performer or the show. There is also the part of the bio that showcases all of the gifts that were given by users in a form of a virtual gift like angel wings, a car, shoes, rings and they all cost tokens. This section can be upgraded since it is very messy and it looks like a MySpace page back in 2007 when there were too many things going on, on one page. A redesign might be in place.

If you want to save up some money, put some in the bank. This is not the place to save money. But, if you want not to spend too much and not to spend on an overpriced model then you should know that the average price is around $3-4 per minute. There are some performers who are charging $7 per show so keep browsing, set your filters to what it is that you want and go with it. There is no need to spend so much money on a $7 model when you have cheaper ones who are just as good looking. The more you know.

The site works fine on your mobile phone so you can chat and enjoy the shows when you are on the road, just don’t do it while you are driving. There is always an abundance of models who are online so you will never have a problem finding the “right” one. Just browse around a bit and “the one” will appear.

Cams.com can be used as a standard as to what a webcam site should be. Looking nice, it has beautiful models, the options all run smoothly, no glitches, just good clean fun to focus on. Just the way adult entertainment should be. If you decide to check out the site, you will be more than pleased.

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Works on all devicies including OS and Android.Thousands of performers online.Lots of cheap cam shows.
78%Old school site that knows its stuff.
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