Chatting and masturbating. That is the idea behind this word sandwich that had in mind. A free webcam site that lets you chat with astounding webcam performers who are shaking their asses for a small token of appreciation. They are tipped with tokens and they do what they do, and you want to see it. Trust us, we’ve seen the shows. There are thousands of performers, shows are all day, every day and it is one of the best webcam sites in the world. What else?

Chat With Girls

What’s unique about Chaturbate is that when you recognize that when other users on the site tip the girls, you actually get to enjoy the shows for free! Sure, you are not the one who is in the control of what gets to happen but for a brief moment, you get to chill and not worry about the performer and if she is going to do kinky stuff or not. She will. Someone will come along and tip her, you will get the show and a freebie. Amazing! What’s even crazier is that there are plenty of HD cam performers, so at times, you feel like this is a steal and the site is on the losing side of it all. But that’s not the case, we all know what’s actually going on.

There are many good performers online. When we say good we mean hot, actually hot, not middle of nowhere town hot since the rest are goobers so her beauty rises in value. No. Real hot. The main problem with so many webcam sites is that they have lots of registered performers but it just so happens that they are not online when YOU come along to see the show. Not with Chaturbate. They have webcam girls plenty and not just in quantity but quality as well. To think that you get to see this all for free, it’s mindboggling.

If you want to have a private show and you don’t want to be a part of the group, then, keep in mind that most of the webcam performers will ask $5-6/per minute. There are some who are lower in price but this will be the standard that you will come across on a regular. The performances are better and more intimate but since this IS a free webcam site, the performers are probably making more money in group chats, so better stack up your chips since you will get drained, and we don’t mean just in your ball region.

Technically it is a sound site. The browsing experience is smooth enough, the layout is user-friendly, the filters are present even though they can be better, the advanced search once again is non-existent but if you browse around through enough webcam sites, you get used to this annoying phenomenon. The mobile version is still in its beta version but it is good enough and some of the pages don’t fit quite right but it is all good. For a free site, you must limit your criticism to zero but doesn’t give you enough elbow room even for that.

If we want to criticize we would have a hard time in doing so since there are very few things that are wrong with the site. A more accurate description would be, there are many good feats that the site has and it is improving. It is a free webcam site, that has good performers, offers adult entertainment that’s engaging and electric, what else is there to say. This is the top of the line right here and once again, it’s free. A warm recommendation.



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Thousands of exhibitionists.Lots of free nude shows.Plenty of HD Webcams.
Exclusive chats can be expensive.Search feature not the best.Mobile site could be better.
87%Probably the best cam site of its kind.
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